The mission of La Financière agricole du Québec is to support and encourage the development of the agricultural and agri-food sector within a perspective of sustainable development. In fulfilling its mission, the agency concentrates on the development of the primary sector.

Business Vision Focused on Development

La Financière agricole developed its 2012-2013 operating plan based on the objectives in the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan, in a context of important issues and endless challenges. The strategic plan and operating plan support the rising crop of farmers, the development and competitivity of farm businesses, the value placed on regional biofood resources, respect for the environment, customer satisfaction and organizational performance. The many actions taken and projects completed at the end of 2012-2013 are in keeping with La Financière agricole vision of “being recognized for its major contribution to the economic growth of farm and agri-food businesses, and the vitality of all Quebec regions".

Front-Line Agency

Through its various operations, La Financière agricole contributes to the economic development of Québec and its regions. It offers a wide range of financial and risk management tools to ensure the economic and financial stability of farm businesses. Such tools include crop insurance, farm income stabilization insurance, AgriStability, AgriInvest and Agri-Québec, farm and forestry financing with guaranteed loans, protection against interest rate hikes, financial assistance for establishment in agriculture and venture capital investments through its branch, Capital Financière agricole inc.

Through its mission, La Financière agricole aims to facilitate investments and protect the income of Québec's farm businesses with the aim of promoting their success. It has business dealings with over 25,000 farming businesses and forestry operations.

The organization protects insured values reaching over $4.6 billion. Its portfolio of loan guarantees has reached $4.5 billion, which represents close to half of the farm financing in Québec.

Operations Supported by A Qualified and Committed Staff

La Financière agricole offers all its products and services using a one-stop approach formula through a network of service centres and counters available in all regions of Québec. It relies on more than 650 employees, more than half of whom work in the regions. The agency is well established in the community and is aware of the specific needs in the regions. Its specialized personnel is positioned to offer solutions tailored to each situation and seeks to maintain a business relationship built on trust with its clients.

The mobilization and commitment of dedicated and qualified people enable the agency to offer quality services but also to continually enhance its performance.

Partnership with the Agricultural Sector 

La Financière agricole continues to fulfill its commitments by adapting, innovating and remaining flexible in its daily accompaniment of farm and forestry businesses. The FADQ’s accomplishments demonstrate its willingness to renew its procedures and interventions, thus increasing the businesses’ ability to adapt to their business environment in the aim of supporting sustainable development. Its staff members are constantly in contact with their clients, just as they regularly meet and discuss with stakeholders representing farm producers.

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