Conditions of Use

Service availability and general information

La Financière agricole du Québec makes its on-line services available at all times. The technological infrastructure and transactional component nevertheless require some maintenance from time to time. Such work is usually carried out on:

  • Saturday, from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

During that period, La Financière agricole du Québec reserves the right to:

  • Temporarily and at any time change or fully or partly interrupt service without notice to users;
  • Permanently change or fully or partly interrupt service with prior notice to users.

Notwithstanding the above, La Financière agricole will do everything in its power to inform users a few days ahead of time when maintenance work is planned. A message on the site's home page will notify users of the period and duration of such work. The information component may or may not remain accessible during those periods.

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General conditions of use

This site must be used infull compliance with the legislation enforceablein Québec, as well as withintellectual property rights.

It is the responsibility of users to acknowledge and comply with the following:

  • La Financière agricole's Privacy Policy;
  • Requirements and navigation tips;
  • Limitation of liability.

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Browsing requirements

Users must be aware of the security measures and minimal system requirements for secure navigation and transactions.

Website of La Financière agricole

The website of La Financière agricole has functions for use of the following:

  • JavaScript;
  • Opening secondary windows, called:
    • Internet advertisements in Internet Explorer (IE);
    • Pop-up windows in Firefox.

Hyperlinks to external files (PDF, DOC, XLS, etc.) automatically open a secondary window. It is important that your browser’s configuration allows you to open Internet advertisements (IE) or pop-up windows (Firefox). Installing external window disablers from the Yahoo! or Google toolbar should also be avoided. To solve any such problem, you can use the method that seems most appropriate to your situation, i.e.:

  • By disabling the option in your browser:
    • for IE, consult Open this outside link in a new windowpage to find out more;
    • for Firefox, consult your browser’s Help section;
  • By disabling the option in the toolbar (Yahoo! or Google) on your desktop.

Certain documents in PDF format can only be viewed or printed with Acrobat Reader software. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge at the following address: Open this outside link in a new windowAdobe.

On-Line Products, Services and File

Along with the above-mentioned requirements, the technical conditions for adequate use of the section “On-Line Products and Services” of La Financière agricole du Québec are:

  • Browser configured for JavaScript;
  • rowser configured for cookies;
  • Browser configured to allow secondary windows to open (see above).

In addition, La Financière agricole uses encryption to secure transactions carried out in the section "Products, services and on-line file". Encryption consists of transforming, through encoding (algorithms, keys, etc.), a plain text into cipher text.

The icon that depicts a lock at the bottom left or right of the screen (depending on the browser used) indicates that the session is secure. Clicking on the lock displays the security certificate information of La Financière agricole site.

MS Internet Explorer
Ms Internet Explorer

Mozilla (Firefox)
Mozilla (Firefox)

You must update your browser regularly to make sure there are no security breaches. To do this, we recommend that you visit your browser web site periodically. La Financière agricole has optimized its on-line services for these versions of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher (PC version);
  • Mozilla (Firefox) 1.0 and higher.

The following addresses will allow you to download new versions of these browsers, if you need them:

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Security measures

Security of transactions

Use of the La Financière agricole du Québec site is fully secure. Our servers ensure highly secure connections thanks to a firewall that provides protection against loss or unauthorized use of user information. We have introduced rigorous measures for guaranteeing secure transactions and confidential information.

The information you send us when you use our on-line services is protected by an encryption process, which consists of converting plain text into cipher text using cryptography.

You too must exercise caution in helping to keep your information secure.

Your password and your responsibilities

You are responsible for always maintaining the confidentiality of the user ID, provided to you by La Financière agricole, and of your password.

We also recommend that you exercise caution when you give certain personal information to a third party since La Financière agricole uses personal information when it assigns passwords, i.e.: client number, phone number, CP-12 or NIM number, SIN or NEQ.

You are responsible for the use of your user ID by you or by any third party other than an employee of La Financière agricole.

If you suspect that your password has been compromised, you must change it immediately and notify us as soon as possible by contacting your service centre. We must also be informed of unauthorized use of your user ID or password. Your password belongs to you alone and must never be disclosed to anyone, not even an employee of La Financière agricole.

Tips for keeping your password confidential:

  • Never disclose or share your password.
  • Avoid writing down your password anywhere.
  • Change your password regularly.

Idle period when using on-line services

When you use La Financière agricole’s on-line services, there is an idle period of 30 minutes, after which you are automatically logged out. The idle period is based on the time elapsed between two tasks requiring an intervention by FADQ’s computer resources (servers). Here are a few examples:

  • Changing a page
  • Confirming data entered
  • Consulting a PDF, consulting Help

Note that the following tasks are not considered when calculating the period, since they do not generate any request to interact with FADQ’s servers:

  • Entering information in the fields provided for that purpose, without confirming it.
  • Using another software program on your workstation.

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Signing off

When you have finished your on-line operations or are through visiting secure web sites, you must end the session correctly and close the browser. This will enable deletion of cache memory or stored information from your computer or browser. This makes it impossible for anyone to view this information.

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Limitation of liabilities

This site contains several categories of information, including some from external sources. Consequently, no guarantee is provided as to site content.

  • Users shall exercise caution in consulting, printing or using information presented on this site and when carrying out on-line transactions.
  • Users shall not claim that a document downloaded from this site contains official data or information approved by La Financière agricole unless there is a formal indication to that effect.
  • La Financière agricole (including its directors, subcontractors, representatives and employees) shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that result from the following:

    • Interrupted service;
    • File corruption;
    • Pirating;
    • Delays;
    • User error;
    • Defects.

No oral or written advice or information given by La Financière agricole, or given on or through its web site, is subject to guarantees not provided in these conditions of use.

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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights held by the public departments and bodies: copyright, trademarks and patents. These rights apply to all documents produced or published by La Financière agricole:

  • Administrative or official texts;
  • Documents produced by its employees, a government department or agency or any third party which has ceded its rights to the State or granted it an exclusive user license.

All information contained on this site is the property of La Financière agricole for and on behalf of the Government of Québec, which retains intellectual property rights thereon. Unless otherwise specified formally, the rights of La Financière agricole shall apply to:

  • Documents;
  • Data;
  • Compilations;
  • Other works posted on the site.

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Logos, images and contents

The logo of the Government of Québec, the visual identification of La Financière agricole du Québec and the contents of this site are available for personal use only.

Use of the logo and information on this site for commercial or promotional purposes is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use these elements to further a potential transaction with current or prospective clientele.

La Financière agricole reserves the right to prohibit any user (individual, enterprise or institution) that does not comply with the conditions, measures, rights and limitations described in this site from using these services or functions.

Trademarks or government certification marks are also protected.

Use by a third party of objects covered by these rights, unless otherwise indicated and exempted under the relevant legislation, is subject to prior authorizations, licenses or grants of an interest in copyright by the copyright holder (e.g. reproduction, storage or buffering for purposes other than those allowed).

Authorization may be obtained by contacting La Financière agricole du Québec, which will, where applicable, request an announcement of opportunity from the Éditeur officiel du Québec (see copyright standards).

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Reproduction and downloading

Documents, data, compilations and other works contained on this site may be reproduced or downloaded for personal use without authorization or fees, provided the source is acknowledged. For all other purposes, prior authorization must be obtained from La Financière agricole du Québec.

The information contained on this site cannot be changed or used in a manner prejudicial or potentially prejudicial to La Financière agricole du Québec or its image.

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The relations between the user and La Financière agricole du Québec are governed by legislation enforceable in Québec. In case of legal dispute or challenge, Québec courts prevail.

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This site is governed by the conditions, measures, rights, guarantees and limitations indicated above. Use of the services offered on this site involves compliance with the conditions, measures, rights, guarantees and limitations and constitutes a service contract between the user and La Financière agricole for and on behalf of the Government of Québec. These conditions, measures, rights, guarantees and limitations are subject to change by La Financière agricole at any time without notice.

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