Forestry Financing

Attractive Interest Rates: Advantage Plus 

By participating in the Forestry Financing Program, you will enjoy an interest rate already negotiated with the financial institution of your choice. Moreover, as with any other loan, you can choose between a fixed or variable rate.

The fixed rate is based on home mortgage rates, to which may be added a Ce lien ouvrira une nouvelle fenêtrediscount ranging from 0.30 to 0.60 (French), depending on the term selected. The term may be for one, two, three, five or seven years.  The variable rate is based on the prime rate1.

For projects that will be carried out over several months, it is possible to set the interest rate after the first year of the loan. During this 15-month period, a variable interest rate is offered.

1 The lowest interest rate granted by banks taking into account a certain number of factors.



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