The Program


The AgriInvest program allows participants to annually deposit an amount into an account of up to 1.0% of their operation's allowable net sales (ANS) of allowable products and to receive a matching government contribution. However, it is possible for participants to annually deposit an amount into their account that does not exceed the ANS of their operation. Participants can withdraw money from their account, according to their operation's needs.

Statistics on the AgriInvest program are available in the Statistics and Rates section.


The Agri-Québec program, funded by the Government of Québec, aims to improve the ability of operations to manage their own farm-related risks.

This program, complementary to the AgriInvest program, allows participants to annually deposit an amount in a savings account, to receive a matching amount from La Financière agricole du Québec and to withdraw amounts based on their needs.

The maximum amount participating farming operations can deposit into their account annually (maximum deposit) represents:

  • 3.6% for aquaculture ANS plus 3.0% for agriculture ANS up to $1.5 M of ANS;
  • 2.0% for ANS of $1.5 M to $2.5 M;
  • 1.5% for ANS of $2.5 M to $5.0 M;
  • 1.0% for ANS over $5.0 M.

Changes in administrative fees charged for Agri-Québec program:

  • Starting in 2014, annual fees will be charged, for each participation year, to participants who are entitled to a government contribution in an amount exceeding the minimum of $150;
  • No fees will be charged to operations that have no allowable product for a participation year. Note that the eligibility of products covered or associated with the ASRA program is suspended for the 2014 and 2015 participation years.

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