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La Financière agricole du Québec

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2017 Archives

    Coverage Summaries - Fall Enrolment
    Document nameVersionFormat
    Apiculture - Bees SubgroupOctober 2018PDF 298 Ko
    Apple Trees - Plan AOctober 2016PDF 300 Ko
    BlueberriesOctober 2016PDF 302 Ko
    Maple SyrupOctober 2016PDF 302 Ko
    Market Garden Crops - Perennial VegetablesOctober 2016PDF 317 Ko
    RaspberriesOctober 2016PDF 308 Ko
    StrawberriesOctober 2016PDF 309 Ko
      Coverage Summaries - Spring Enrolment
      Document nameVersionFormat
      Apiculture - Honey SubgroupJanuary 2017PDF 200 Ko
      Apples plan BJanuary 2017PDF 216 Ko
      Cereals, Grain Corn and High-Protein Oilseed Crops - GrainJanuary 2017PDF 233 Ko
      Cereals, Grain Corn and High-Protein Oilseed Crops - SeedJanuary 2017PDF 233 Ko
      CranberriesJanuary 2017PDF 218 Ko
      Day-Neutral StrawberriesJanuary 2017PDF 214 Ko
      Grain CornJanuary 2017PDF 202 Ko
      Hay, Corn Silage and CerealsJanuary 2017PDF 229 Ko
      Hay - Compensation tablesFebruary 2016PDF 279 Ko
      Hay and Pasture - Calculation of the payment - Explanatory documentJanuary 2021PDF 403 Ko
      Market Garden CropsJanuary 2017PDF 234 Ko
      Market Garden Crops - Abandonment TresholdJanuary 2017PDF 210 Ko
      Market Garden Crops - Local market gardeningJanuary 2017PDF 250 Ko
      PotatoesJanuary 2017PDF 216 Ko
      Strawberries and raspberriesJanuary 2017PDF 219 Ko
      Vegetables grown processingJanuary 2017PDF 217 Ko