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2019 Archives

    Coverage Summaries - Spring Enrolment
    Document nameVersionFormat
    Apiculture - Honey SubgroupJanuary 2019PDF 272 Ko
    Apples - Plan BJanuary 2019PDF 237 Ko
    Cereals, Grain Corn and High-Protein Oilseed Crops - GrainJanuary 2019PDF 250 Ko
    Cereals, Grain Corn and High-Protein Oilseed Crops - SeedJanuary 2019PDF 289 Ko
    Cereals, silage and cornJanuary 2019PDF 240 Ko
    CranberriesJanuary 2019PDF 212 Ko
    Day-Neutral StrawberriesJanuary 2019PDF 256 Ko
    Emerging CropsApril 2019PDF 285 Ko
    Hay and pastureJanuary 2019PDF 236 Ko
    Hay - Calculation of the Hay Payment (Explanatory document)January 2019PDF 295 Ko
    Compensation tables for hayJanuary 2020PDF 401 Ko
    Market Garden CropsFebruary 2019PDF 245 Ko
    Market Garden Crops - Abandonment TresholdJanuary 2019PDF 180 Ko
    Market Garden Crops - Local market gardeningJanuary 2019PDF 262 Ko
    PotatoesJanuary 2019PDF 309 Ko
    Strawberries and raspberriesJanuary 2019PDF 245 Ko
    Vegetables grown processingJanuary 2019PDF 246 Ko