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2018-2023 Canadian Agricultural Partnership

On April 1, 2018, a new Canadian federal-provincial-territorial policy framework for agriculture, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership came into effect, replacing Growing Forward 2.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership will apply for a five-year period and bring changes to the AgriStability and AgriInvest programs starting in the 2018 participation year.

AgriStability program

Reference margin limit

Under Growing Forward 2, the reference margin used for calculating payments was limited to the allowable expenses. Starting in the 2018 participation year, the reference margin used cannot fall below 70% of the reference margin.

Growing Forward 2Canadian Agricultural Partnership
Participation yearUp until 2017As of 2018
Reference margin$100 000$100 000
Allowable expenses$40 000$40 000
Reference margin used$40 000$70 000 1

1 Higher amount between the allowable expenses and 70% of the reference margin

Minimum payment

The AgriStability payment must be at least $250 in order for a payment to be made.

AgriInvest program

Maximum amount of government contribution

Starting in the 2018 participation year, the maximum amount of adjusted net sales (ANS) will be $1 million compared with $1.5 million as before. As a result, the annual government contribution will be limited to $10 000 ($1 million x 1%) compared with $15 000 as before.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit to AgriInvest will be $250 compared with $75 as before.

For more information, see the following program summaries :