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Crop Insurance: new unit prices for vegetables for processing

Starting in the 2016 insurance year, La Financière agricole du Québec is offering improved crop insurance coverage for vegetables grown for processing produced with different methods.

Organic Productions

Producers who practise organic farming can now benefit from unit prices specific to the productions of wax and green beans, peas and sweet corn (kernels or creamed).

Irrigated Extra-Fine Wax and Green Beans

A new category is available for extra-fine wax and green beans that are irrigated. A unit price specific to organic production is also offered.

Gherkins Harvested Mechanically

A specific unit price is now available for gherkins that are harvested mechanically.


The enrolment period for crop insurance is currently underway for the 2016 year. Please contact your service centre if you would like to take advantage of these new offers.

Find out the enrolment date for each crop in your region