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Insurance, Financing and Aspiring Farmers

New features and enhancements to our insurance, income protection and financing programs.

Insurance and income protection

  • New features for the Crop Insurance Program
  • Enhancements for the Crop Insurance Program
    • Increase in several unit prices
      • In particular for the following sectors: blueberries (30%), market garden crops (up to 24%), soybeans (14%), grain corn (8%), forage (7%) and cranberries (4%)
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    • Average reduction of 25% in premium rates
      • Following a review of the pricing method to account for favourable weather conditions in recent years and a surplus in the Crop Insurance Fund
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    • Enhancement in the protection offered for Semi-cultivated low bush blueberry and Maple syrup coverage
      • Blueberries
        • Increase in the unit price and reduction in the premium rate
      • Maple syrup


  • Enhancement

Aspiring farmers (Insurance, income protection and financing programs)

  • Enhancements and new features
    • Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program: increase in the discount (grain, swine, cattle, sheep and apple sectors) as of January 2018
    • Financial Support Program for Aspiring Farmers and the Regulation respecting fees payable:  enhanced as of April 2018
    • Crop Insurance Program: introduction of a discount starting in the 2019 insurance year
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