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Selection of Corn Hybrids

Below is information that can help you select the appropriate corn hybrids to seed based on the weather in your sector.

  1. Consult the List of Municipalities with the Number of Corn Heat Units (CHUs) found on point 3 of the first annex, in the Guide to Farming Standards Approved by La Financière agricole (PDF).
  2. Note the CHU limit of the municipality where the corn will be seeded and then refer to the table below. It will help you select the hybrid based on the time of year seeding will occur. Refer to it for planning and when weather delays seeding.
Table of number of corn heat units according to zone and seeding deadline
Seeding deadlinesZone 2300Zone 2350Zone 2400Zone 2450Zone 2500Zone 2550Zone 2600Zone 2650Zone 2700Zone 2750Zone 2800Zone 2850Zone 2900Zone 2950Zone 3000
May 10 and before235024252475255026002650270027502800285029002950300030503100
May 11 to 15235024252475255026002625267527252775280028502875292529753000
May 16 to 20235024252475252525752600262526752700272527752800285029002925
May 21 to 25235024002450250025252550257526002625265027002725277528252850
May 26 to 28230023502375242524502475250025252550257526002625267527252750
May 29 to June 1 juin227523002325237524002425245024752500252525502575262526752700

For seeding in organic soil, select hybrids needing 150 CHUs less, because of the risk of early frost.

Please contact your service centre if you need more information.