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Sheep producer, compare Your Operation's Performances in Just a Few Clicks!

A new transaction is available in your on-line file, enabling you to extract your AgriStability data for comparison purposes with other operations from the sheep sector. If you have not already done so, register now.

How can you access your performance report?

  1. Register for your on-line file at La Financière agricole by completing the Designation of the person in charge of access management form or by phoning 1 877 861-2272 (option 2).
  2. Once you access your on-line file, under the heading Services transactionnels (Transactional services), click on the transaction "Télécharger les données Agri-stabilité (Download Agri-Stability data)". Enter the year for which you wish to extract your data and click CONFIRMER (CONFIRM).
  3. Save your file on your computer in a place where it can easily be recovered.
  4. Log onto the CRAAQ website and follow the steps.