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The Insured Crop Database is now the Parcels and Reported Agricultural Productions Database

Since 2006, La Financière agricole du Québec has published a database of parcels containing the agricultural productions reported by its clients.

The first variant of this database (generalized crop database) consisted of adjacent fields belonging to the same general crop group. Starting in 2007, all individual parcels were available (insured crop database). Nonetheless, there were still a few limitations, such as some minority crop codes being left out, crops being combined without further explanation, and parcels with multiple crops being ignored.

The database’s name was changed to show that it encompasses both geospatial data of farm parcels and information from agricultural production statements (not only crop-related information). Its source, however, has not changed. Only the way the database is interpreted has evolved.

For the sake of simplifying how the database is created, and also to give users as much information as possible, we decided to no longer leave out farm production codes, to propose a grouping while keeping a detailed description of productions included in this group, and to provide information on parcels with multiple productions. In addition, special cases related to insurance are now better interpreted in order to maximize the number of parcels where production information can be provided.

We have also changed the names of attributes to ensure a certain consistency with our internal database.

Multiple productions on a parcel provided an additional challenge to avoid a duplication of entries. We chose to transpose the attributes concerning production codes and associated percentages into as many columns as there are productions on the parcel.

For users who need a historical continuity, every year since 2003 has been updated.

Consult the Parcels and Reported Agricultural Productions Database (French only)