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Support for Québec Farm Business Development


Note that you must contact a financing advisor at your service centre before starting your project in order to qualify for investment assistance.

To be eligible for this program, you must demonstrate that your project can:

  • Increase your production volume, your performance or your profitability; or
  • Comply with standards regarding animal welfare, organic production or any other requirement applicable to agri-food production; or
  • Start up a new agricultural or agri-food business.

In addition, your project must involve:

  • Construction, renovation or improvement of a building, including the equipment required;
  • Work to improve property, such as drainage or a new crop production on fallow land.

Other conditions may also apply depending on your type of business. For more details, consult the program (PDF in French).

The following elements are not eligible for this program:

  • Loan consolidation and conversion of guaranteed loans;
  • Purchase of shares and permanent cash flow fund;
  • Current operation charges;
  • Farm machinery;
  • Purchase of quotas and animals;
  • Purchase of land, a house, a farm or other buildings.