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Techno-economic profile support program

Description of the Techno-economic profile support program

This program aims to help La Financière agricole du Québec (FADQ) financially support agricultural producer associations in sectors not covered by the Income Stabilization Insurance (ASRA) program or by supply management for the realization of techno-economic studies in their area of activity. Up to $90,000 of financial assistance can be granted per study.

The program comes into effect on April 1, 2019 and has a budgetary envelope of $1 M to distribute over five years.

What purpose can a techno-economic study serve?

Techno-economic studies are a source of valuable, up-to-date, quality information for farm businesses. To better manage their business, managers need access to information that lets them compare their technical, economic and financial performance with that of other businesses in their sector. The comparison helps managers identify their business’ strengths and weaknesses and make any adjustments necessary.