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La Financière agricole du Québec

Capital Financière agricole

Target clientele

The target area of activity is agri-food, mainly its processing. Target businesses have a processing, marketing or agricultural production project in mind that is of interest to the agri-food sector or to regional development.

Agri-food processing

Capital Financière agricole inc. (CFAI) stands out by its solid expertise in agri-food processing, its main area of intervention.

  • The proposed projects must create market outlets for agricultural products or be focused on innovation and improving productivity.

Products and services upstream or downstream of the agricultural sector

The CFAI prioritizes products and services downstream of the agricultural sector. For those upstream, the project must be innovative and structuring, and provide a comparative advantage over what already exists on the market.

Nutraceutics, functional food and biotechnology

These are niche sectors targeted by the CFAI when the products are in the marketing stage. A Health Canada license is required for nutraceuticcs and functional food. Only products of agricultural origin are selected.

Agricultural production

La Financière agricole du Québec is the organization that directly backs agricultural production projects. CFAI only funds such projects if they have an innovative or structuring aspect.