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La Financière agricole du Québec

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Web accessibility means that sites have been designed to allow individuals having a permanent or temporary disability to effectively see, understand, browse and interact with the Web.

A disability could be:

  • Visual (blind, visually-impaired, colour-blind);
  • Motor (difficulty using the mouse or keyboard);
  • Auditive;
  • Cognitive or neurological (dyslexia or slow reader);
  • Speech related.

Our website complies with the Québec government’s standards on Web accessibility.


Contact Us if you:

  • Need assistance in browsing our site;
  • Cannot access certain contents using computer adaptation technologies.

Action Plan for People with Disabilities

Through this action plan, we commit to eliminating or reducing the barriers facing people with disabilities who wish to reach us or who are members of our personnel. With this in mind, we defined a series of measures so that our programs and services are accessible to people with disabilities. The notion of accessibility encompasses access to physical spaces, adapted means of communication, procurement inclusion when purchasing goods and services and employment of people with disabilities.

Documents on this topic exist in French only. Please refer to the French page to access them.