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La Financière agricole du Québec

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AgriInvest is an individual program based on savings. You can make an annual deposit into an account and, in turn, receive matching government contributions (to a maximum of $10,000). Amounts deposited into the AgriInvest account thereby become a reserve allowing you to better manage the risks facing your operation.


Most agricultural products are allowable under the AgriInvest program, except for:

  • Products under supply-management;
  • Forestry products;
  • Aquacultural products;
  • Racehorses;
  • Peat moss;
  • Cannabis
  • Wild animals in their natural environment;
  • Resale of products that do not stem from the farming operation;
  • Income derived from farming activities carried on outside of Canada.

Link with ASRA

The Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program (ASRA) continues to play its role intervening, in conjunction with the AgriInvest program, on the basis of the production cost.

ASRA program intervention is adjusted to take into account amounts paid by the AgriInvest program.