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La Financière agricole du Québec

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Farm producers, enroled or not in our different programs, may be eligible for waterfowl damage compensation under the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program, which was implemented through the Federal-Provincial Agreement on the AgriInsurance Program.

Since the start of 2016, farm producers receiving compensation under this agreement automatically qualify for the Complementary Support Program, which offers an additional 10% coverage, assumed in full by La Financière agricole.

Crops Covered

All crops eligible under the Crop Insurance Program (ASREC) are covered.

Risks Covered

Damage that can be compensated is any damage caused by waterfowl, including:

  • Canadian geese;
  • Ducks;
  • Snow geese;
  • Sandhill cranes.

Protection Offered

Protection against loss in yield and for replacement work following waterfowl damage:

  • Areas affected must cover at least 1 undivided hectare;
  • Areas affected must be cultivated on soils fit for farming and according to the farming methods approved by La Financière agricole;
  • Areas in question must have been seeded and harvested by the final deadlines stipulated in the Crop Insurance Program;
  • Cereals must be windrowed by September 20, at the latest.

No enrolment and no contribution are required.