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La Financière agricole du Québec

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About us


The mission of La Financière agricole du Québec is to support and encourage the development of the agricultural and agri-food sector within a perspective of sustainable development. It provides farm businesses with products and services in income protection, insurance and farm financing to assist them in managing the risks inherent in the industry. In fulfilling its mission, the agency emphasizes the development of the primary sector.

Front-Line Agency

Through our various operations, we contribute to the economic development of Québec and its regions. We offer a wide range of financial and risk management tools to ensure the economic and financial stability of farm businesses.

Operations Supported by A Qualified and Committed Staff

All our products and services are offered under a one-stop approach, through a network of service centres and counters available in all regions of Québec. Our agency is well established in the community and aware of the specific needs in the regions. Our specialized personnel is positioned to offer solutions tailored to each situation and we seek to maintain a business relationship built on trust with our clients.


Together for prosperous and sustainable agriculture


Collaboration: To work as a team to achieve greater results and share expertise by making it available to one’s colleagues. This value also implies jointly contributing to meet the organization's objectives by cooperating with clients and partners. This is a prerequisite for innovation. 

Discipline: Demonstrate professionalism by being competent, objective, and honest when dealing with clients and partners to ensure that decisions are based on facts. Ethical behaviour and integrity are also essential benchmarks in the discharge of our mandate.

Fairness: Ensure public interest by being fair and impartial. This value reflects the relationship of trust built with clients and partners as well as people's commitment to their work.

Excellence: Being creative, flexible and innovative, providing high quality services, staying at the cutting edge of your field and adopt best practices.

Respect: Being attentive, being empathetic and transparent. Respect also refers to being open to others and to diversity. The quality of service provided to the client and recognition in the workplace imply such considerations.