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La Financière agricole du Québec

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Agricultural producers

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The forms on this page may contain barriers to accessibility. If you have trouble completing one of these forms, assistance is available by phoning 1-800-749-3646.

Financial Assistance for Replanting Apple Orchards
Document name VersionFormat
Application Form September 2020 PDF 575 KB
Financial Information Collection
Document name VersionFormat
General Information and Table of Productive Units for 2017 (for information purposes) February 2018 PDF 132 KB
Canada-Québec Support Initiative for Farm Enterprises Affected by Exceptional Hail Episodes in 2017
Document name VersionFormat
Application for participation December 2017 PDF 854 KB
AgriInvest and Agri-Québec
Document name VersionFormat
Withdrawal slip February 2012 PDF 80 KB
Crop Insurance
Document name VersionFormat
Enrolment Form - Crop Insurance (ADPA10A) May 2010 PDF 227 KB
Stabilization Insurance
Document name VersionFormat
Annexe 2 - Formulaire d'inscription au programme ASRA - version anglaise (2014-12-01) December 2014 PDF 452 KB
Financial Support for Aspiring Farmers
Document name VersionFormat
Grant Application and Program for Use July 2019 PDF 196 KB
Farm Financing, Forestry Financing and Financial Support for Aspiring Farmers
Document name VersionFormat
Application form (financing) September 2023 PDF 192 KB
Individual Registration February 2023 PDF 265 KB
Request for payment March 2022 PDF 103 KB
Request for payment - Schedule July 2019 PDF 94 KB
Business Plan - Existing Operation October 2012 DOCX 81 KB
Business Plan - Creating a New Operation October 2012 DOCX 80 KB
Document name VersionFormat
Consent form February 2017 DOCX 36 KB
Consent to transmit personal information held by La Financière agricole November 2010 PDF 200 KB
Direct Deposit Form May 2010 PDF 390 KB

Did you know? You can also register on-line for direct deposit. Log in to your on-line file. Under the Services transactionnels tab (transactional sevices), click on Gérer l’inscription au dépôt direct (manage my direct deposit enrolment).