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On-Line Services

Additional Information about our on-line services

User code validity

For security reasons, if a user code provided by La Financière agricole is not used within three months after being sent, it will be deactivated.

After this time, if the PCAM wishes to access the on-line file, he or she must register again for the on-line file.

Suspension of access to the on-line file

Access rights to the on-line file are granted for an indefinite period of time. 

La Financière agricole can suspend or revoke all access to the on-line file without first notifying users. It can therefore, at any time and with immediate effect, refuse access to a file, especially if it has reason to believe that one of the conditions of use of the on-line file was not respected or that applicable laws and regulations in Québec were not respected.

La Financière agricole can suspend or revoke an access (user code and password) that has not been used for a year. 

To reactivate access:

  • The PCAM must contact the On-line File Support;
  • An on-line file user must contact the PCAM of the business in question.

La Financière agricole can terminate access rights to the on-line file should an event occur resulting in a change to the registration conditions. This would be the case, for example, if a business goes bankrupt, is dissolved or liquidated or an individual (sole owner) dies.

The business can at any time ask La Financière agricole to terminate the access rights granted for its on-line file.

Conservation of information

All data relating to the on-line file is kept by La Financière agricole in its databanks and constitute proof in the same way as paper-based proof.

The access history to the on-line file with a user code and password is part of the file-related data collected through the Internet.

Responsibilities of the business

Each transaction performed with the user code and password has the same legal effect as if it had been performed according to written instructions from the business.

The business is responsible at all times for the veracity of information provided via the on-line file and the accuracy of the information entered by users to whom the PCAM has granted access. 

The business agrees to notify La Financière agricole of any change in the PCAM for the file of the business.

Conditions for use of on-line services

Refer to the website section Privacy Policy and Conditions of Use for more information.