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La Financière agricole du Québec

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Request for a review

You can appeal a decision made by La Financière agricole in connection with the application of the programs it administers.

How do I request a review?


A person who has received a ruling from La Financière agricole in connection with the implementation of the programs it administers may use the review procedure to appeal that decision. However, program parameters, results of collective expertise and exclusion cannot be the subject of a request for a review.

 Information to be submitted

Any request for a review must:

  • be made in writing;
  • state the detailed reasons for requesting the review.


You must submit your request for a review within 90 days following the date of the decision under appeal. This deadline applies to ASREC, ASRA, the AGRI programs and those in financing. For any other program, you must contact your service centre to learn more about how it works.


Charges may apply, as provided for in the Règlement sur les frais exigibles par La Financière agricole du Québec (PDF in French).

 Submitting your request

Requests for a review relating to the insurance and financing programs should be forwarded to your service centre.

For a request for a review relating to the processing of your financial data under the AGRI programs, please contact the financial information collection and processing.

Our employees have a duty to provide you with all the information you need to state your right to a review of the decision, to provide all the necessary assistance in formulating your request, and to include any relevant documents and attachments, if necessary.

How will my request for review be processed?

After submitting your request, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within not more than 10 business days. A meeting will then be proposed and will be held if you are so inclined.

According to the program under consideration, a review or revision committee is appointed. It is composed of individuals–both internal and external–who did not participate in the decision under appeal.

Following a review of the request, the decision under appeal will be maintained, modified or revoked. A substantiated response will then be provided in a timely manner.

Throughout the review process, you will have the opportunity to make your views known in writing. To that end, you may file your written submissions and any documents you consider relevant.

Consult the Policy on requests for a review (PDF in French) for information on the procedure for receiving and examining requests for revision.