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Capital Financière agricole

CFAI team

Murielle Joncas

Murielle Joncas, M.Sc.
General Manager

Murielle Joncas holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Université Laval and a Bachelor's degree in accounting. She has over 25 years of experience working with venture capital companies, including Fondaction, Fonds agroalimentaire et forestier, SOLIDEQ and the Société de développement des coopératives. She has been an investment advisor at Capital Financière Agricole inc. (CFAI) since 2007 and is now the general manager.

Serge Vermette
Portfolio Manager

Serge Vermette holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the École des hautes études commerciales (HEC) Montréal, as well as a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He has nearly 20 years of experience with venture capital companies and financial institutions like Investissement Québec, the Royal Bank of Canada and Desjardins Capital. He has also worked as an engineer for several years, including six years doing project management for manufacturing companies. Mr. Vermette joined the Capital Financière agricole team as portfolio manager in December of 2018.

Chantal Joyal
Portfolio Manager

Chantal Joyal holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Université du Québec à Montréal and a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the École des hautes études commerciales. With over 27 years of experience in the financial sector, she has worked for various financial institutions, including the National Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal. She has also worked for Laval Technopole. Ms. Joyal joined the Capital Financière agricole team on January 11, 2021.

Lisette Lefebvre

Lisette Lefebvre
Administrative Assistant

Drawing on vast experience, Ms. Lefebvre worked at the Office du crédit agricole and the Société de financement agricole before joining La Financière agricole du Québec as administrative assistant to the vice-president of finance. From 2011 to 2016, she also assisted the general manager of the Fonds d’investissement pour la relève agricole (FIRA). She has been an administrative assistant at Capital Financière agricole inc. since 2013.