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On-Line Services

What is my on-line file?

Your on-line file is your own personal space. It contains an array of information on your products at La Financière agricole for the last five years, including for the current year. You will also find sections that allow you to perform different transactions. It is available in French only.

For more information on the on-line file, we invite you to watch the offline webinar.

Information available
TabInformation contained in this tab
  • Insurance and income protection products: 
    • ASREC contract terms and conditions 
    • ASRA insured volume 
    • Compensation and contribution details 
    • Reference margin and year margin 
    • Calculation of production margins 
    • Productive units 
    • Inventory statements 
    • Income and expenses 
    • ANS calculation 
    • Deposit calculation 
    • Ad hoc program information
  • Loans and grants: 
    • Lender’s name 
    • Authorized amount 
    • Loan balance 
    • Arrears 
    • Remaining term
Financial information
  • Explanatory sheets
  • Account Statement 
  • Tax information 
  • Debt and direct deposit information  
  • AgriInvest and Agri-Québec accounts
  • Contact information for your service centre and the Customer Service Strategies Branch
  • Mailbox (correspondence, including personal and confidential information)
  • Client info
Maps and geographic informationAccess to various geographical information from the FADQ and its partners, with FADQ's interactive Infrastructure Géomatique Ouverte (Open GIS Infrastructure) map. Geographic information on agricultural plots owned or operated by your business may also be available, if applicable.
Cross compliance measuresStatus report regarding cross compliance measures: phosphorus report, shorelines (riparian buffers) and ban on increasing farmland areas.
Transaction services
TabInformation contained in this tab
Enter financial information for AgriStabilityTool for sending financial information for the AgriStability, AgriInvest, Agri-Québec or Agri-Québec Plus programs.
Download AgriStability dataEnables sheep producers to download and save their AgriStability data for a given year in order to compare their operation's performances.
Apply for financingAllows you to send an e-mail to your service centre describing your project.
Report production volumesAllows piglet producers to send the insurable volume declaration required for the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program.
Transfer live animal transactions electronicallyAllows the transfer of transactions for managing live animals.
Manage direct deposit registrationTool that allows you to register directly on-line. You can also quickly and easily change your deposit information when needed.
Manage registration for Zero PaperTool explaining registration steps for Zero Paper
Request a withdrawalAllows you to request a withdrawal from your AgriInvest and Agri-Québec accounts.
Make a deposit by transferAllows you to make a deposit by transfer from your AgriInvest and Agri-Québec accounts.
Make a paymentAllows you to make a payment to La Financière agricole from your AgriInvest and Agri-Québec accounts.
Entering a harvest declarationAllows producers with Cereals, Grain Corn and High Protein Coverage Oilseed Crops to submit their harvest information under the Crop Insurance Program.