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Guaranteed Loan

Bolster your business with a unique lever: a guaranteed loan. Advantages include a minimum discount of from 0.30 to 0.60 off the interest rate for the entire term of your loan and personalized support offered by our financing advisors.

Financial Support for Aspiring Farmers

With our Financial Support Program for Aspiring Farmers, we help young producers establish themselves on an existing farm or start a new business.

Support for Diversification and Regional Development

This program aims to encourage regional development and dynamic land use. It supports your farm business for projects that seek to diversify productions or activities, improve land or develop a greenhouse operation.

Seller-Lender Formula

When transferring a business, La Financière agricole’s Seller-Lender Formula may be an attractive solution, both for the seller-lender and the buyer.

Line of Credit

Opening a line of credit can help you meet financing needs for your operating expenses.

Protection against Interest Rate Hikes

The Program for Protection against Interest Rate Hikes aims to mitigate the impact of interest rate hikes on your operation’s finances and promote its development through financial support.

Forestry Financing

The Forestry Financing Program was developed in conjunction with the ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs and is administered by La Financière agricole.

Support for Québec Farm Business Development

The Support Program for Québec Farm Business Development aims to financially support businesses in the agricultural and agri-food sector in order to promote their development. The objective is to encourage and stimulate investments.

Credit Line for Investment

Program to support funding of animal welfare and energy efficiency investments