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Seller-Lender Formula


When transferring a business, La Financière agricole's Seller-Lender Formula may be an attractive solution, both for the seller-lender and the buyer.

Advantages of this formula for the seller-lender

  • Represents an investment that is 100% guaranteed by La Financière agricole.
  • Makes it possible to receive payments in the form of a monthly pension.
  • Makes it possible to gradually transfer the business.
  • Offers support for administering the loan.

Advantages of this formula for the borrower

  • Offers a better interest rate.
  • Allows you to benefit from the expertise of our qualified staff.
  • Allows you to benefit from the Financial Support Program for Aspiring Farmers.
  • Minimizes the risk of interest rate hikes over a ten-year term.
  • Allows you to obtain a reimbursable tax credit of 40% of the interest paid through this formula.
  • There are no administrative costs for follow-up.

Another advantage for the borrower is better protection against interest rate hikes and an interest rate linked to your training level.

We support both the seller-lender and the buyer throughout the term of a loan granted through this formula.

Find out how you could make the most of the Financial Support Program for Aspiring Farmers.