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Stabilization Insurance


Coverage summaries
Document name VersionFormat
Cereals and canola February 2022 PDF 172 KB
Cow Calves February 2022 PDF 177 KB
Feeder Cattle and Slaughter Cattle January 2022 PDF 164 KB
Grain-Fed Calves February 2022 PDF 159 KB
Hogs January 2022 PDF 213 KB
Lambs February 2022 PDF 186 KB
Piglets January 2022 PDF 229 KB

Available on the Producteurs de bovins du Québec website:

Document name VersionFormat
Direct Deposit October 2016 PDF 390 KB
Enrolment in the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program - Appendix 2 December 2014 PDF 452 KB

Did you know? You can also register on-line for direct deposit. Log in to your on-line file. Under the Services transactionnels tab (transactional sevices), click on Gérer l’inscription au dépôt direct (manage my direct deposit enrolment).