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Stabilization Insurance


    Document nameVersionFormat
    Guide to Farming Standards approved by La Financière agricoleDecember 2018PDF 715 Ko
      Coverage summaries
      Document nameVersionFormat
      ApplesFebruary 2018PDF 231 Ko
      Cereales and CanolaMay 2018PDF 248 Ko
      Cow CalvesFebruary 2018PDF 195 Ko
      Feeder Cattle and Slaughter CattleFebruary 2018PDF 192 Ko
      Grain-Fed CalvesFebruary 2018PDF 229 Ko
      HogsFebruary 2018PDF 230 Ko
      LambsFebruary 2018PDF 251 Ko
      PigletsFebruary 2018PDF 228 Ko

      The products Potatoes, Grain Corn and Soybeans are no longer eligible for the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program as of the 2016-2017 participation year.

        Document nameVersionFormat
        Direct DepositOctober 2016PDF 390 Ko
        Enrolment in the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program - Appendix 2December 2014PDF 452 Ko

        Did you know? You can also register on-line for direct deposit. Log in to your on-line file. Under the “Transactional services” tab (Services transactionnels), click on “Manage direct deposit registration" (Gérer l’inscription au dépôt direct).