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Deposit and Withdrawal

As with the AgriInvest program, the Agri-Québec program allows you to make an annual deposit into your account based on a percentage of your allowable net sales (ANS). You, in turn, will then receive a matching contribution from La Financière agricole. The contribution comes entirely from the Québec government.

Allowable Net Sales (ANS)

ANS correspond to the sales of allowable agricultural or aquacultural products minus the purchases of allowable products. ANS from agricultural and aquacultural sectors are calculated separately.

Since ANS are calculated using an accrual method of accounting, the sales of allowable agricultural products are adjusted to include changes in inventory. In addition, payments from certain other programs that compensate for the loss of allowable agricultural or aquacultural products are taken into account when calculating ANS (e.g.: crop insurance, private insurance).

Only the value of allowable products before processing can be considered for the portion of annual sales of processed products over $1.5 million.


The maximum amount you can deposit into your account annually (maximum deposit) represents:

For operations whose eligible income is $100,000 and under
ANS rangeAgriculture (%)Aquaculture (%)
$0 à 1.5 M4.24.9
For operations whose eligible income is $100,000 and over
ANS rangeAgriculture (%)Aquaculture (%)
$0 à 1.5 M3.23.9
$1.5 à 2.5 M22
$2.5 à 5.0 M1.51.5
$5 M et plus11

Upon receiving your financial information, we calculate your ANS and the amount of the maximum deposit you can make to receive the matching government contribution. A joint Deposit Notice for the Agri-Québec and AgriInvest programs confirms the amounts.

Once you receive your Deposit Notice, you can deposit any amount you wish (minimum $150), up to the maximum allowed. Note that only one deposit is possible for each notice issued and must be made within 90 days following the issue date of the notice. When the deposit is received after this date, but before the 181st day following the date of the Deposit Notice, the authorized deposit is reduced by 25%. After the deposit, we then pay the government contributions into your account. The amount deposited is allocated first to AgriInvest and then to Agri-Québec.


You can withdraw any amount you wish, up to the balance in the account. The minimum withdrawal is $75. However, a withdrawal may be less than $75 if it brings the balance to zero or is used to pay an amount owed to La Financière agricole.

When a withdrawal is made, the amounts in the AgriInvest account must be withdrawn in full before a withdrawal from the Agri-Québec account can be made.

Withdrawals from certain funds are taxable. For more information on this topic, please see the program summary (PDF).

You can make a withdrawal from your on-line file or by using a withdrawal slip (PDF).

You did not send your phosphorus report or it does not comply?

You did not send your phosphorus report or it does not comply? You must submit a phosphorus report to the Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques by May 15 of every year. If your report does not comply or if you fail to submit it, penalties apply.