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La Financière agricole du Québec

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AgriStability is a front-line program intervening to protect the overall income of your farm business. It is based on your actual financial information and stabilizes your income in the event of a decline in your production margin.

If you participate in the AgriStability program, you could also benefit from additional financial assistance with the Agri-Québec Plus program.


The AgriStability program covers all agricultural products, except for:

  • Forestry products;
  • Aquaculture products;
  • Racehorses;
  • Peat moss;
  • Cannabis;
  • Wild animals in their natural environment;
  • Resale of products that do not stem from the operation's farm business; and
  • Income derived from farming activities carried on outside of Canada.

Link with stabilization insurance program (ASRA)

Special terms apply to businesses that participate in both AgriStability and ASRA.

AgriStability provides the front-line intervention, while ASRA acts as a companion program. AgriStability may cover losses specific to the operation above and beyond those guaranteed by ASRA.

Businesses that participate in the AgriStability program, and that are also covered by ASRA, will receive the higher amount between the government contributions under ASRA and the payment calculated for the AgriStability program.

Note that compensation under the ASRA program will be reduced by 40% for businesses that do not participate in AgriStability.