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La Financière agricole du Québec

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To Enrol

To enrol


Make certain you meet the eligibility criteria.

 Contact Us

Contact an advisor at your service centre to make an appointment.


To enrol a new farm business and pay your contribution, the deadline is April 30.

Note: If you do not pay the amount of your contribution by that date, an additional contribution representing 20% of your initial contribution will be billed to you. You will then have until December 31 of the participation year to pay that amount, or else you will not be eligible to participate in the AgriStability program for the year in question.


Your contribution represents an amount of $3.15 for every increment of $1000 of your contributive reference margin. This margin is calculated based on information already provided to us for AgriStability.

Your responsibilities during the year

Transmit your financial information and any other requisite information

Information transmitted through the financial information collection process is used for all the AGRI programs and for the financing programs.

For more information on your responsibilities during the year and the deadlines to meet for transmitting all your financial information, please refer to the Financial Information Collection section.

Produce and send your phosphorus report.

You only have to send the phosphorus report once, regardless of the number of programs you are enroled in.


May 15 of every year

 Sending the phosphorus report

The phosphorus report must be sent to the Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques. See the section on the phosphorus report to find out more.

You only have to send the phosphorus report once for all the programs you are enroled in.

To renew your enrolment

If you already participate in the AgriStability program, you will receive the documents in the spring of the current year.