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La Financière agricole du Québec

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Emergency On-Farm Support Fund

How to apply

How to apply for financial assistance


Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.


Log in to your online file. Under the Services transactionnels tab (transactional services), click on Faire une demande d’aide financière – Fonds d’urgence mesures de soutien COVID-19 (apply for financial assistance – COVID-19 emergency support fund) and follow the instructions to fill out and submit your application.

Your financial data preparer can also prepare the application on your business’s behalf. Make sure this person has access to the transactional services in your online file.

You have never accessed your online file? Consult the section How do I register to the online file?

If you do not have a FADQ file, contact your local service centre to open your client file and your online file.

 Required information

If you are already a FADQ client:

    • You must provide the number of temporary foreign workers you employed in 2020.
    • The arm’s length salary expense you reported in the 2019 financial data collection will be used to determine the amount you are entitled to.
    • If you accept the calculated lump sum financial assistance, you can simply allocate your eligible expenses (as a percentage) to the various categories of expenses identified on the form.
    • However, should you decide to claim a different amount than the lump sum financial assistance, you must provide
      • your total eligible expenses. You will be required to allocate these amounts (in dollars) to the various expense categories identified on the form.
      • all your supporting documents attesting to these amounts.

    If you are not a FADQ client:

    • The service centre advisor will tell you what information you must provide to open your client file.
    • You must then fill out the application form with the following information:

    Following are the cases for which filing of supporting documents will be mandatory:

    • Businesses that are not FADQ clients prior to submitting their application.
    • Businesses that are FADQ clients but have not reported financial data in 2019.
    • Businesses that are FADQ clients and are applying for a different amount than the lump sum financial assistance allocation.
    • Random: Some clients will have to provide supporting documents, whether or not they have chosen the lump sum. Clients will be selected according to various criteria to ensure a certain representativeness and based on the risk level determined by the FADQ.


    Your application must be sent to us no later than February 26 2021.

    Checking the status of your application

    The financial assistance will be calculated directly on the form, based on the answers you provide.

    At the end of the online application process, you will receive a message confirming that your application has been received and that it will be processed in a timely manner.

    The day after you file your application, go to the Produits tab (products) of your online file. There you will find a table entitled Fonds d’urgence mesures de soutien COVID-19 (COVID-19 emergency support fund). It will indicate the status of your file, i.e., “review of eligibility”, “eligible” or “ineligible”, as well as the calculated amount.