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Insurance and Income Protection

Stabilization Insurance

The Farm Income Stabilization Insurance program is a collective type of insurance. It protects your business against market and production cost fluctuations.

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance protects your crops against the risks associated with adverse weather conditions and uncontrollable natural phenomena. This program offers individual and collective protection.


AgriStability is a front-line program intervening to protect the overall income of your farm business. It is based on your actual financial information and stabilizes your income in the event of a decline in your production margin.

Agri-Québec Plus

The Agri-Québec Plus program offers complementary financial support to Québec’s farm businesses that participate in the AgriStability program and work in sectors not covered by ASRA or not supply-managed.


AgriInvest is an individual program based on savings. You can make an annual deposit into an account and, in turn, receive matching government contributions.


This individual program is based on savings just like the AgriInvest program. You can make an annual deposit into an account and, in turn, receive matching government contributions.

Emergency Fund for Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea, Swine Delta Coronavirus and Senecavirus A in Québec

This program is designed to support operations affected by PED and SDCV and assume certain additional costs required to combat the virus and mitigate the financial consequences related to the infection.


Farm producers, enroled or not in our different programs, may be eligible for waterfowl damage compensation under the Federal/Provincial Agri-Insurance Agreement.

Transition Assistance for the Milk-Fed Calf Sector

The Transition Assistance Program for the Milk-Fed Calf Sector is designed to financially support milk-fed calf operations during the transition period after eligibility of the Milk-Fed Calf product is withdrawn from the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program.

Support for the Potato Sector

This program is designed to support development of the potato sector within a perspective of sustainable development. Its goal is to support potato producers in carrying out research and technological transfer projects.

Canada-Québec Support Initiative for Farm Enterprises Affected by Exceptional Hail Episodes in 2017

Techno-economic studies support program

Support Program for the Eradication of Chronic Wasting Disease in Cervids