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La Financière agricole du Québec

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Techno-Economic Profile Assistance Program

How to apply

To apply, the recognized trade association must

  1. make sure you meet eligibility requirements.
  2. complete the Application form (in French only).
  3. send the application by email or by mail to the following address:
    • Techno-economic Profile Assistance Program (TEPA)
      Main Branch for Insurance Program Development
      La Financière agricole du Québec
      1400, boulevard Guillaume-Couture
      Lévis, QC  G6W 8K7


  • Participate in an agreement with the Centre d’études sur les coûts de production en agriculture (CECPA) and La FADQ to conduct the study.
  • Provide a financial contribution of 25% of the total costs of the study.
  • Agree to the dissemination of the results.

Payment of Financial Assistance

The amount of financial assistance, as well as the terms of payment, will be determined by the agreement to be entered into between the Trade Association, the CECPA and La FADQ for completing the profile.