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Crop Insurance - Documents in effect

    Coverage Summaries - Fall Enrolment
    Document nameVersionFormat
    Apiculture - Bees SubgroupAugust 2020PDF 266 Ko
    Apple Trees - Plan AAugust 2020PDF 267 Ko
    Autumn cerealsAugust 2020PDF 267 Ko
    Haskap Berries August 2020PDF 271 Ko
    Maple SyrupSeptember 2020PDF 269 Ko
    Market Garden Crops - Perennial Vegetables SubgroupAugust 2020PDF 280 Ko
    Raspberries August 2020PDF 275 Ko
    Semi-cultivated Low-Bush BlueberriesAugust 2020PDF 266 Ko
    StrawberriesAugust 2020PDF 274 Ko
      Coverage Summaries - Spring Enrolment
      Document nameVersionFormat
      Apiculture - Honey SubgroupMarch 2020PDF 290 Ko
      Apple - Plan BMarch 2020PDF 265 Ko
      Cereals, Grain Corn and High-Protein Oilseed Crops - GrainMarch 2020PDF 282 Ko
      Cereals, Grain Corn and High-Portein Oilseed Crops - SeedMarch 2020PDF 343 Ko
      Cereals, Silage and CornMarch 2020PDF 275 Ko
      CranberriesMarch 2020PDF 235 Ko
      Day-Neutral StrawberriesMarch 2020PDF 284 Ko
      Emerging CropsMarch 2020PDF 347 Ko
      Hay and PastureMarch 2020PDF 275 Ko
      Hay - Calculation of the Hay Payment (Explanatory Document)February 2020PDF 387 Ko
      Hay - Compensation TablesFebruary 2020PDF 401 Ko
      Market Garden CropsMarch 2020PDF 273 Ko
      Market Garden Crops - Abandonment TresholdFebruary 2020PDF 252 Ko
      Market Garden Crops - Local Market GardeningMarch 2020PDF 313 Ko
      PotatoesMarch 2020PDF 362 Ko
      Strawberries and RaspberriesMarch 2020PDF 267 Ko
      Vegetables grown processingApril 2020PDF 267 Ko