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Stabilization Insurance - Documents in effect

Some documents on this topic exist in French only. Please refer to the French page to access them.

    Document nameVersionFormat
    Guide to Farming Standards approved by La Financière agricoleDecember 2019PDF 802 Ko
      Coverage summaries
      Document nameVersionFormat
      Cereales and CanolaFebruary 2019PDF 245 Ko
      Cow CalvesJanuary 2019PDF 207 Ko
      Feeder Cattle and Slaughter CattleJanuary 2019PDF 204 Ko
      Grain-Fed CalvesJanuary 2019PDF 243 Ko
      HogsFebruary 2019PDF 243 Ko
      LambsJanuary 2019PDF 264 Ko
      PigletsFebruary 2019PDF 243 Ko

      Withdrawal of apple products from the Farm Income Stabilization Insurance Program as of the 2018-2019 insurance year.